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Multi-Function Dishwashing Brush

Multi-Function Dishwashing Brush

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Name: Multi-function dishwashing Brush Brush for pot Kitchen Tools Non-stick oil Non-stick pan

Material: PP Nylon sponge

length: 24cm

Functional use: Pan, Hearth, Plate, Dish, Range Hood, Chopping board, Sink etc.

Product composition: Handle body PP brush * 1 2 * scouring brush head


1、Innovative injection bottle design

2、PP environmental protection brush head

3、Pressing out the liquid for easy cleaning

4、Elimination of the coke pot

5、Non-slip handle

6、Replaceable brush head

7、Hanging does not take up space

8、Do not hurt the coating

9、Good cleaning effect

Installation Notes:

1、Align the handle track with the head track

2、Open the button on the infusion handle

3、Injecting cleaning liquid such as detergent

4、Press cleaning, use liquid volume as appropriate

Package includes: 

1 x Wash pot brush

2 x Scouring brush heads

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